When To Replace Your Sports Bra

Q: When should I replace my sports bra?
If you are an avid runner, the average life expectancy of your running shoes are 6-12 months depending on frequency of use. The same time frame also applies to women’s sport bras. So, to keep it easy… most experts recommend shopping for a replacement sports bra at the same time you look to replace your running shoes.

At Sun & Ski Sports, we support the leading brand in women’s sports brasMoving Comfort. They produce a variety of lines that very in internal structure and support for different activities.

Getting the Right Fit:

  • Know your activities and compare that to the suggest sports bra types.
  • Turn the bra inside out to see how it’s made. The internal structure is what provides all the support.
  • Adjustable straps offer a custom fit; make sure the front straps don’t stretch too much or it will reduce the amount of support.
  • The bra should be a snug fit, especially in the band.
  • Make sure the fabric wicks moisture away… (All Moving Comfort sports bras do this)

Keep in mind that the more you wash your sports bra, the elasticity will be reduced. Sometimes you can double up if your in a pinch, but that can increase friction and hold the heat in reducing the ability of the sports bra to wick away the moisture.

Sports bras are equipment, just like running shoes. They are both technical and highly engineered to fit women of different sizes, widths and activity levels. The right fit will help you to be more active and therefore more fit and happier. Check with our running experts at our stores or online at sunandski.com, or checkout MovingComfort.com for an interactive sports bra fitting guide.

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