When To Replace Your Helmet

Re-assess your bike helmet at the start of each bike season to make sure it’s safe and functional. Even if you don’t have a bike accident, cycling helmets take a lot of abuse from getting tossed around in a car or dropped on the ground. And keep in mind that mountain bike helmets aren’t more or less prone to damage than road bike helmets.

Areas of your helmet that need regular inspection include:

-Shell: If you spot large cracks in your helmet along the edge of the shell or cracks that extend from vent to vent, replace your helmet.

-Straps: Check the straps of your helmet at the places where they attach to the helmet and where the straps go into the buckle. The stitching on the straps can get weak, or they can deteriorate due to friction and moisture.

-Styrofoam: Make sure the styrofoam insert of your bike helmet is firm. If it is soft or crumbly, you are due for a replacement.

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