What To Know Before You Buy A Bike Rack

You have invested too much time and effort in finding the perfect bike to have it damaged by an inferior bike rack. But the right rack will allow you to take your bike anywhere quickly and easily. When shopping for a bike rack, consider three factors:

-Type of venue. Think about how and wear you will be using the bike rack. If you may be parallel parking and space is an issue, a roof rack may be a better choice than a rear-mounted rack. If you only have one bike to worry about, a Thule bike rack such as the Thule Sidearm Rooftop Bike Mount offers quick loading and unloading for most types of bikes with no need for wheel removal.

-Type of bike. How big is your bike, and how heavy is it? If your bike is heavy and you prefer a roof-mounted rack, stash a small step stool so you don’t have to struggle to attach and remove the bike.

-Type of vehicle. Does your car already have a utility rack? Some car dealers will install racks for you. If you have more than one vehicle that you might use to transport bikes, look for racks that can fit on all of them.

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