What Lies Beneath Your Skiing Clothes?

Ski jackets and ski pants are your chance to make a fashion statement on the slopes, but it’s important to focus on what’s underneath your skiing clothes, too. The right base layer makes the difference between being comfortable and being clammy during a long day of snow sports. Moisture management is the most important feature of base layer skiing clothes. Different brands have their own feel: some are silky, others are less so, but any of them will do the job of keeping you warm and dry. For springtime skiing or a very aerobic ski workout, moisture-wicking Lycra skiing pants might keep you comfortable enough without any additional layers.

When shopping for a base layer of skiing clothes, you have some choices for styles of tops and pants:

  • Leg length: Some people prefer calf-length or capri-length base layer skiing pants, while others prefer full-length base layers.
  • Neckline: Base layer skiing clothes are available in turtlenecks, V-necks, and crew necks.

Get expert advice about layering and check out a variety of skiing clothes at a Sun & Ski Sports store in your area.

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