Virtual Easter Egg Hunt @ Sun & Ski Sports

Why should kids have all the fun? Introducing the first annual virtual Easter egg hunt at Sun & Ski Sports. We’ve hidden 90 eggs throughout the site, each with a prize attached.

Search the site and maybe you’ll get lucky and find a $20 gift card or an autographed skateboard by the Osiris team. Better yet, maybe you win the box of invisible candy! Hurry, this one day event ends April 8, 2009… Star the hunt!

Ok, remember when you were 7 and you ran around your Grandma’s backyard looking for the eggs your Dad hid? It’s kinda like that, except the egg hunt is entirely online and the big kid can’t steal the eggs out of your basket when you’re not looking. We’ve hidden 90 eggs randomly throughout the website, each with a sweet prize attached! Some eggs are easy to find, others are deeply hidden in the crevasses of our virtual sofa, which you may never find or could die trying.

Here’s how it works… search the site looking for Easter eggs, when you find one, it will have a redemption code that corresponds to one of the many prizes listed here. Add that prize to the cart, enter the coupon code listed on the egg in the discount box and then, hit apply. Bada-Bing… you now claimed the free egg! Now, just go through the checkout process like normal and you’re done.

Important note: Don’t eat the Can of Expired Pineapple Chunks… if you do, it’s at your own risk. We found this can of juicy goodness in the bottom of our Snowboard buyers drawer… You’ll probably hug the bowl for like a week if you eat them.

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