UPDATE: BP MS 150 Registration Closed!

The registration for the MS 150 closed in record time this year by registering the 13,000 riders within a few hours of opening. I’m sure there are a lot of disappointed potential riders that didn’t get to their computers fast enough to register for the largest bike ride in the United States. If you are in this crowd, hang tight. Over the course of the months to come there are always a number of riders that drop out of the registration for various reasons and spots open back up. If you have questions or concerns you can contact Lone Star chapter.

There has been some confusion for new participants in that registering for a team will secure you a spot in the ride. Unfortunately, that is not the case. All riders need to register with the MS Society to be eligible for the ride… riding on a team only gives you added benefits and support along the way.

If you were one of the fortunate ones to get registered for the MS 150, we welcome you to join Team Sun & Ski Sports and ride with us. There are ton of great benefits again this year…. you can find more information and get registered on our website. The cost is $75 and includes a team jersey and free registration into a number of training rides leading up to the big event.

Here is a list of the training rides that are included with your Team Sun & Ski registration:

o Puddle for the Ducks… February 7th
o Pedaling the Prairie… February 14th
o Spring Breakaway… March 1st
o Tour De Houston… March 22nd
o Katy Ram Challenge… April 11th

11 thoughts on “UPDATE: BP MS 150 Registration Closed!

  1. That should be a bit more clear on your page for the team registration item. I missed the cut for registration yesterday and then someone advised me to get your registration which i dutifully did but obviously it does me no good as far as the MS150 is concerned.

    Guess I will be doing some of the rides it entitles me to anyway.


  2. how do we sign up for the training rides and do we let them know we are part of the s @ s sports bike team? can this be done on-line or do we have to register day of event? please let me know. thanks!

  3. I think that to register for events as part of the S&SS team, you’re to use the code that was emailed to you after you registered. BikeReg.com offers a coupon code block that I believe is where you would enter it.

  4. Somehow, we just figured out tonight (after 4 months of training) that my registration did not go through… I am still not sure what happened. My husband is signed up and we have been training together for months. I am really disappointed but I’m going to keep doing the training rides.

    Does anyone know how to find out if spaces are available? Is there a waiting list? If anyone’s reading this and needs a replacement, I’m your girl! 🙂

  5. @James Green & @ Chris,

    If you are registered for Team Sun & Ski (http://www.sunandski.com/Sun_Ski_Sports_2009_MS_150_Team_Registration_p/7729056860901.htm) you will recieve regular emails from me.

    Once the email says that you can register for whatever ride is coming up, just reply back and tell me your interested. The most recent ride is Puddle for the Ducks on 2/7. We will continue that and start Peddling for the Prairie next week.

    The week of the ride you should get a registration form with all the legal information. Fill it out, come to the ride, and come see me (or another rep of Sun & Ski Sports) there. You’ll check in, give us your paperwork, and get a number.

    Hope this helps!

    Carl, Team Captain

  6. Is team sun and ski closed for signups? I’m registered for the ride, but I haven’t registered for the sun and ski team.


  7. Hi. I wonder if it is too late to change teams? I am registered for the ride but I am not happy with my current team’s organization and training. Any chances I can change to un & Ski?


  8. Thanks for your comments. Team Sun & Ski is officially closed and is not excepting any new riders.

    Carl, Team Captain

  9. Where exactly is the Sun and Ski tent in La Grange going to be located…I would like to meet my brother up there…but he still has not received that info…

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