Treat Your Feet With Foot Warmers

When you’re enjoying a winter sports vacation in extreme cold temperatures, foot warmers can keep you out on the slopes longer. For maximum comfort and convenience, try air-activated foot warmers, such as Heatmax Toasty Toes, that can be used in your ski boots and apres ski boots.

For winter sports, the best air-activated foot warmers have these features:
-Adhesive to stick to socks
-Form fit
-Environmentally friendly, with natural ingredients

You also can buy electronic boot warmers that fit into the insoles of your ski boots. Both types of foot warmers have their pros and cons. The electronic warmers come with battery packs that attach to the outside of your ski boots, and they can be covered by snow pants or gaiters. But some skiers may find that the power cords and battery packs are more extra gear than they want to manage.
And even if you opt for electronic foot warmers, a smart skier keeps a set of reliable, air-activated warmers in reserve in case the electronic warmers break down.

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