Top Features for Cycling Shorts

If you’re looking to buy women’s clothing for cycling, keep certain key features in mind and you’ll get great comfort and maximum mileage out of your cycling clothes.

Comfort is the key when it comes to cycling shorts. In addition, many brands of shorts provide great range of motion and durability. Other features to look for in cycling shorts include:

  • Multi-panels. Multi-paneled construction provides maximum comfort during your ride.
  • Padding. Look for cycling shorts with a smooth saddle pad that will both reduce chafing and soften the bumps.
  • Lower waist, longer length. Many top-performing cycling shorts feature a lower waist and longer legs for a more comfortable fit.
  • Gripper legs. Leg grippers help keep your cycling shorts in place, which also reduces chafing and friction.

The Canari Gel Pro Women’s Cycling Shorts include many functional features, including a 7-inch inseam with leg grippers, flat seams to minimize chafing, and a strategically placed gel pad to reduce saddle soreness.

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