Tom’s Shoes: Shoes with a Soul

Tom’s shoes, an up-and-coming brand of casual footwear, certainly gets points for goodwill. For every pair of Tom’s shoes purchased, the company donates one pair of shoes to a child in a developing country.

Tom’s shoes are not meant to be athletic footwear—these are before- or after-workout shoes or casual shoes. They’re available in several fabrics, including linen and canvas, and you can find solid colors or prints to suit any taste, and match (or not match) any outfit. The Tom’s website even notes that wedding parties buy men’s shoes from Tom’s to put a different twist on a tuxedo.

The basic, yet comfortable Tom’s shoes are the Classic Canvas Slip-Ons, which are available for men and women. These shoes feature a soft insole and durable outsole, as well as breathable canvas. Tom’s shoes have basic, comfortable support in the arches and heels, but they’re not designed to be worn as workout shoes, unless you’re wearing them to and from the gym.

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