The Right Boots Boost Ski Performance

Having the right ski boots can make the difference between an achy or an awesome day on the slopes. As you scope out the selection for your next pair of boots, keep these tips in mind:

-Seek stiffness. Although beginners are better off with a more flexible boot, experienced skiers know that a stiffer boot responds better to the movement of your legs.

-Be sock smart. When you try on prospective ski boots, bring a pair of your favorite ski socks to ensure that you have the right fit.

-Make notes on your needs. Do you have wide feet? Ask an experienced salesperson at your nearest Sun & Ski Sports shop which brands make a wide ski boot. Do you wear orthotic inserts to correct any biomechanical imbalances? Be sure to have them with you when trying on ski boots.

-Shop late. Remember that your feet swell as the day goes on, so shop for your ski boots at the end of the day to get boots that will feel just as comfy on your last run of the day as they did on your first.

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