THE PICKLE – Women Specific cycling clothes

Women know that it is hard to find any clothing that really fits well, not to mention specialized cycling clothing! Up until the the first week or two of the Cycling Slimdown, I was wearing typical cycling shorts and jerseys. While they were functional, they were a little long on my legs, and the waist came up really high on my torso. As you know men and women are not built the same, so naturally we canʼt perfectly fit into the exact same cycling shorts.

Shebeest has come out with a plus size line; this is great because our goal is to get out of the plus size clothing but what do you wear before you get there? When I found out that Shebeest had shorts and jerseys in my size I was overjoyed. Not only would I look cute in the wonderful designs (yes, I am still a girly girl!), but the clothing would fit me correctly.

Shebeest has put together a chamois for the womens plus line. They have designed a chamois that moves with you to help eliminate friction and as you know, friction can lead to chafing. No one wants chafing in sensitive areas.

Long ago are the days where I must wear shorts that are too long for me, or be forced to wear jerseys that come down to my thighs. I would be in work out clothes and still look like a girl!

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