THE PICKLE – Review of 1/10/09

On Saturday January 10th Wayne and I went on our 1st training ride in Brookshire. First, I have to say that you must be prepared before you leave your home and keep in mind as to where you are going to ride. I didn’t think about that before I left, as I drove 45 minutes from my house (Outside of Houston) to the country. There are not many buildings along the ride, and the wind can be brutal. Also the temperature dropped…. a lot! Luckily I had a long sleeve shirt and sweater in my car so it was ok. It is so important to stay warm because if not it will make riding very uncomfortable. I got some toe warmers to put on my cycling shoes to keep the air from going through the shoes, the shoes are vented so you can stay cool in the summer but in the winter you want to keep all your body heat with you. I had a couple of hiccups with my bike, but that is to be expected on a new bike and being that I’m new to a road bike I knew I would fall at least once. (hehehe) I did. I fell because I didn’t shift correctly. The guys at Sun & Ski (Westhiemer) were great and helped me realize what I was doing wrong, Thank you Gray!

So the funny part of my blog is that I’m going to complain about my partner in crime, Wayne. (Wayne I love you to death but I got to do this) We had to stop twice in the 1st 3 miles to help Wayne get his bike straight. And then after we got going at a good clip, Wayne just took off on me and that’s fine but he didn’t even wait at the rest stop for me. Needless to say Wayne and I had our 1st arguement after that. I got after him and asked him why he didn’t wait. His answer was, “I didn’t know I was suppose to”.

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  1. “First arguement,” that is hilarious!!!!! Good job guys, I know you can do this, with or without arguements!!!

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