The Most Fuel Efficient Vehicle? You, on a Bike!

The big debate continues.   Between the new 2009 diesels coming out or some of the hybrids that are popping out on the market, it’s hard to decide the best way to save on gas in the near future.  Add talks of hydrogen vehicles, and it’s even more confusing.  What is the most efficient vehicle out there, anyway?

A human on a bike.

A gallon of gasoline contains 31,000 calories.  If a person actually consumed that many calories, they would be able to ride 912 miles on the equivalent of one gallon of gas.  Considering we’d be happy to get 30 miles a gallon in a car, the comparison isn’t even close.  Granted, a bike is much slower and weighs less, but it certainly isn’t going to cost you $75 at the pump.

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  1. With gas costs rising, you can almost see a resurgence of people doing business locally. Closer shopping and such is very accessible by bike, and you can haul goods with bags, panniers and trailers.

    Nice post!

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