The Long And Short Of Cycling Shorts

Your cycling shorts are arguably your most important item of cycling apparel. You want to be as comfortable as possible during your rides, and not be distracted by chafing or seat discomfort. When selecting cycling shorts, you can choose from several lengths and styles, including:

-Short or Not So Short: For women cyclists who prefer a shorter cycling short, the Sugoi Women’s Evolution has a 6-inch inseam, but still provides the high-tech features that bike enthusiasts want, such as moisture wicking fabric and a molded chamois. Many cyclists prefer longer shorts that reach closer to the knee. The C-360 Men’s Cycling Race Short has an 8-inch inseam, as well as an ergonomic race profile and molded chamois.

-Capris: Do you favor the capri style in workout gear? Capri length cycling shorts such as the Descente Bliss Bikapri cycling knickers are for you.

-Bib shorts: Cycling shorts with an attached bib style top appeal to some cycling enthusiasts. These cycling shorts may feel snug in the crotch when you’re standing around because they are designed to fit best when you are on your bike in a riding position. Bib style shorts are available in the same moisture-wicking fabrics as other cycling shorts, and some styles have gel foam insert pads for added comfort.

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