The iStik “How Many Ways Can You Stik?” Contest

We all know about the armbands available to hold your iPod Nano while you’re working out. But what if you aren’t running or walking? Sometimes you just need more mobility when you are working out with your music, which is why iStik now offers the Magnetic 3rd Generation iPod Nano Case. Eight high-tech, Neodymium magnets keep your iPod secure, but you still have easy access to change your music in case your mood changes. It won’t get sweaty like an armband will and it will give you much better mobility in your upper body.

Watch the video and leave a comment of what activity you’d use an iStik for and where you’d put it on your clothing. One winner will be drawn from a hat to win (surprise) a free iStik Magnetic iPod Nano Case! All comments are due by 4:30 CST on 10/31/08.

No worries, if you don’t have a Nano, you can win a free Sun & Ski t-shirt just by logging into Twitter and sending out a Tweet that @sunandski is having a contest. Then link to this blog post.

We are getting some great gear in for the winter, so be sure to check out our sales and all the 2009 gear while you are at it ;).

13 thoughts on “The iStik “How Many Ways Can You Stik?” Contest

  1. I really wish they had one for the nano 4g I just picked up. I’ve been trying to find a good case for using while road cycling – I just can’t get on the armband bandwagon – and this would be perfect if it was for the 4g. Maybe next time!

  2. The golf application for this is exactly what I need when training for competitive amateur golf. Also looking forward to sculling LadyBird Lake early in the morning listening to some Radiohead with the IStick. Thanks for the heads up… will make my life easier when engaged in kinetic motion. -JS

  3. Obvious answer would be when I run. Traditional cloth or elastic straps always absorb too much sweat and become itchy.

  4. @milsyobtaf I can let the buyers know, and if we ever get something like that in, I will ping you on Twitter 😉

  5. This looks amazing..where else are they sold? This would be perfect for my morning runs or the days when I try to lift weights with the guys!

  6. I’ve been told by iStick that they are working on a version for the iPhone and 4th Generation Nano… Hopefully available soon!

  7. what up stiiiik? I guess skiing and boarding never came up in the vid. meetings. Last year we had so much POW in Aspen, that I would have “stuk” it to my ski-hat. Please send me one ASAP so i can get prepped for the snorkle shots.

  8. lol @aspinspin. I guess they would have fit in as skiers or boarders, but the typical boarder would have way too many clothes on for that vid.

  9. I would put it on the top of my shoulder, when I go cycling and hiking. An aside, my favorite iphone app for cycling and hiking is “Trailguru” available for free from the Apple App Store. It put’s my trail on a webpage with time and distance, elevations, etc.

    Good going Michelle!

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