The Great Raise Houston — An Adventure Challenge For Charity

Over the past few months, several people have asked me “So how exactly did you and Anna get involved with Sun & Ski and riding the MS 150?  You especially are the laziest person on the face of the earth!”  I wish the second part wasn’t true, but it was until a few months ago….

Last year, Anna and I had a unique opportunity to participate as one of ten teams selected to run around Houston and surrounding cities in an adventure challenge for charity called “The Great Raise Houston”.  I know… that sentence was extremely long!!  Sun & Ski Sports was a sponsor, as many of the tasks on the first episode hinge on the contestants’ abilities to cycle several miles and kayak 5 miles down Buffalo Bayou.  At the time, our unfit bodies were more entertaining for television than anything.  While we enjoyed both kayaking and cycling, we just weren’t meant for the physical aspect of the competition.  After the show, we met Barry Goldware, CEO of Sun & Ski Sports, who challenged us to take advantage of the resources within Sun & Ski Sports to lose weight by cycling and improve our lifestyle.  The road has been, and continues to be, very tough, but Anna and I have lost some serious poundage, and the entire experience has made us appreciate Houston and the outdoors… not to mention the years of our lives we have added by vowing to live a healthy, active lifestyle…

But back to the “Great Raise Houston”… Joyce & Uchenna Agu, season 7 winners of “The Amazing Race”, decided to put their $1 million winnings into action by giving back to the city they love so dearly.  They figured that Houston is actually a pretty cool place, and that by creating an “Amazing Race”esque show centered around the hidden jewels of the city, they could help raise money for causes near and dear to their heart.  As cast members, Anna and I competed both physically and financially for the top prize.  As fundraisers, the entire cast was tasked with creatively raising as much money as possible for two very important Houston charities: The Houston Food Bank’ Kid’s Cafe and Casa de Esperanza.  Both are programs geared at aiding children in and around our community.  For more information, or to donate to these two awesome charities, go to

“The Great Raise Houston” originally aired in February and March, but they are replaying this weekend only!  Tune in to KHOU Channel 11 (CBS affiliate) from 3-5p on Both Saturday and Sunday, June 20-21st. If you think Anna has been snippy to me on our video logs, you should see that crazy woman on TV!

Our Castmate and friend, Zubi, has organized a viewing Party on Saturday, June 20th, from 2-5pm at the Union Bar & Lounge on 2708 Bagby downtown.  Everyone over 21 is welcome!  Come meet some of the cast members!  Anna and I will be there with bells on.  Seriously.  She has me dressed up like a reindeer….

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