The Best Running Surfaces

Are you wondering what running surfaces are best for you? What is the difference between running on grass and running on cement? Different running surfaces have different effects on your running shoes and body. Below is an overview of a few running surfaces so you can decide what surface you should be on this season.

Hard Surfaces

Cement and asphalt are the most popular hard running surfaces because they make up most roads and sidewalks. While these surfaces are accessible, they are not always the healthiest choice. Running on cement and asphalt creates a hard impact, increasing the likelihood of damage to both your running shoes and body. It’s best to stay away from these surfaces to avoid injury and overuse, but remember to do some limited training on them if you plan to compete in a road race.

Soft Surfaces

Grass is one of the lowest-impact surfaces you can find. It can be good for saving your joints, but be prepared to work your muscles harder. Remember to beware of uneven ground as you take advantage of long stretches of grass.Grass is good for speed work and allowing your joints and bones to rest.

Another soft surface is the dirt trail, one of the healthiest running surface choices. These usually run through forests, making for interesting scenery and a safe surface. While you’ll need to watch out for roots and mud, dirt paths can increase the life of your running shoes and allow your body to stay healthy as you maintain your desired mileage.

Softer is usually better when it comes to running surfaces. You can add life to both your body and running shoes as you become conscious of your surfaces.

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