The Basics Of Snowboard Strap Bindings

Before you decide what to pack in your snowboard bags, make sure you have the right bindings for your board. Strap bindings are the most common type of snowboard bindings. These bindings have three components: base plate, straps, and highback plate. The specifications you choose for these components depend on how you use your snowboard, so plan accordingly. In particular, the height of the highback plate varies depending on your preferred snowboarding style:

-Tall for control. If you’re an Alpine boarder looking for speed on the turns, a higher backplate on your snowboard bindings will improve your control.

-Short for flexibility. A freestyle boarder or a regular at terrain park? Choose a snowboard binding with a lower backplate for more flexibility and more turning power.

Other benefits of strap snowboard bindings include flexibility, comfort, and security. The strap bindings can be used with any type of snowboarding boot. Look for strap bindings with plenty of wide padding on both the toe and ankle straps for maximum comfort and fit.

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