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Two Houstonians joining Team Sun & Ski for the MS 150’s 25th anniversary who are workout partners who began training Jan. 6, 2009 as a weight loss challenge and to raise awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis (MS.)

Wayne Dolezal (77077)  and Anna Rocha (77012), who each weighed in Tuesday, Jan. 6 at 270 pounds, are training for the MS150 as a way to both support MS and to start the New Year with healthy, physically fit lifestyles. They will have their March weigh-in today at 4:15 p.m.

Wayne says he personally averages cycling 50 to 70 miles a week, and he and Anna have logged about 1,000 miles together in the two-month training period, including one 90-minute spin class per week (Wednesday evenings at Sun & Ski Sports, 6100 Westheimer) and training rides in Katy every Saturday. Wayne’s blood pressure has radically decreased, along with his resting heart rate, He says he was able to purchase designer jeans in a specialty shop for the first time ever without going to a “Big Boys” wholesaler, “so that’s cool!”

Our heart rate monitors are assisting us in tracking progress toward our attainable heart rate goals, while tracking calories burned at the same time. Last week during spin class at Sun & Ski, Wayne expunged 1,600 calories in one class. To put that into perspective, if he never changed anything about his diet, he could lose 50 pounds a year if he did spinning at that level twice a week… “Spin class is awesome!” Anna’s 44-mile ride in the “Spring Breakaway” (against the wind) burned 3,000 calories.  That was 3.5 hours of pure workout right there!

Their MS 150 cycling coach is Steve Moskowitz,  Conoco Phillips MS 150 Team Captain. Their fitness coach is Mark Leblanc, president of the WELLFIT Group.

Wayne will be riding the MS 150 in honor of a friend’s daughter, Steph, who has MS.  Wayne explained, ”I became aware of the disease from a friend’s daughter, who was diagnosed with MS four years ago at the age of 19.  Steph lives a healthy lifestyle, is a good person, and still she has the random disease of MS.  She began riding in the MS 150 3 years ago, and is a true champion for the cause.  Steph does everything she can with medication, exercise, and diet to fight the effects on a daily basis.  Her resilience is, and will always be, an inspiration to me.  I hope that, with the help of Sun and Ski, I can both lose weight as well as raise money for a great organization to help the tens of thousands of Americans living with MS.”

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