(MS150) Wayne & Anna’s Cycling Slim Down

Meet Wayne & Anna, they are in training for the MS150 this year and riding with team Sun & Ski Sports. As part of their training, they are starting their personal fitness and weight loss challenge and we are invited to follow them as they go through their adventures and share insights into their training and dieting habits.

Wayne & Anna’s official weigh-in is Tuesday, January 6th. Please check out their bios and come back often to follow their exciting progress as they get ready for the challenge for the MS150…

Latest Updates
Wayne’s Bio
Anna’ Bio

Wayne & Anna Cycling Slim Down t-shirts are now available for $20 with proceeds supporting MS research through the MS Society. Thank you for your support!


  1. Wayne and Anna you know we are behind you 100%. We are already planning the celebration in Austin.

  2. I wish both of you the best. I made the commitment of staying fit last year and the only challenge to overcome is yourself. It’s about setting your goals and a plan to achieving them.

    I hope to bump into you on the MS150 ride. Best of luck.

  3. I work with Wayne and am his #1 fan. I am very impressed with he and Anna’s commitment and am certain the ride this year will be very interesting given Wayne’s presence. Laughing at his jokes all the way to Austin may be more difficult than the head winds during last years ride!

  4. You guys are awesome. Wayne I am not sure if you remember me but I am jaime’s friend from Widen. Way to go.

  5. I am also training for the ms150. I started January 15th at 305 lbs. I’m eating right and going to the gym 3x a week in addition to riding every other day if time permits. I went this morning to 24 hr fitness and weighed in at 281. Nice to see others doing the same. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  6. Anna – I am so proud of you, as I always am. I know that when you put your mind to something you will do it. You too Wayne. Have fun guys.

  7. Hi Anna, good to see you again!! We chatted last saturday after the ride (by the sign in tables)!! Way to go!! Keep up the good work!! I too started working out last summer and started riding to maintain my workouts and have lost almost 20 lbs, so keep it up!!

  8. Anna,
    Que Paso? It was nice to see you out at the ride on 2/21. It was also a pleasure riding with you through the down pour and the hills. You’re doing good, just keep it up. Remember: Hills & and bad weather are your friends!


  9. Hey kids! It was good to see you guys out again at the KRC. You two are looking good, and while I’ll still call you noobs, you guys are quickly getting seasoned. Good luck next week in the MS. Remember all your training and if that fails you, remember that you’re riding for all those that can’t. Good luck!


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