Trail Running in Houston – Arthur Storey Park

Arthur Storey Park – ChinaTown

Location: 7400 W Sam Houston Pkwy SHouston, TX 77072
Trail: outer loop 1.72 Miles
inner loop 0.62 Miles
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Arthur Storey Park Pavillion
Arthur Storey Park Pavillion

Arthur Storey Park Trails – Trail Run Video

Satellite Image of Map

Arthur Storey Park Trail Map with Elevation

Arthur Storey Park official layout

Hello, My name is Erik Calderon.

Welcome to My video blog on Trail Running in the Houston and Surrounding areas.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the Arthur Storey Park Trails located just outside of Beltway 8: in Houston China Town, off of Bellaire avenue on the West side of Beltway Eight. 7400 W Sam Houston Pkwy SHouston, TX 77072.

Although the park has a lot of parking space, it fills up fast in the mornings and on weekends. I’ve seen people parking in the Home Depot next to the park in order to visit.

Entering a bit into the park is a wonderful fitness station where you can begin your run with a warm up of Pull ups, push ups and situps.

After warming up you can easily enjoy a 1.72 mile run around the outer loop, then add bit to the end by including the inner loop around the small pond and pavillion, or you can easily construct a short run by just going around the inner loop. The inner loop is approximately 0.62 miles.

While jogging around the outer loop you’ll get a peak at the beautiful buddhist temple, as your winding around some detention ponds and the braes bayou. The view is absolutely relaxing and peaceful.

This is a Beginner to Intermediate Level Trail Run.

I’ve ranked this trail as Beginner to Intermediate because the outer trail is over one mile, and you also have inner trails that are under one mile in length. So, you can construct an easy run or you can opt for a run of 1.72 miles or longer around the outer loop.

I rank trails into three catagories. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Beginner Trails are under a mile, usually only gravel, asphalt or concrete

Intermediate trails are over 1 mile in length, and under 3 miles. They consist of gravel, asphalt or concrete

Advanced trails are over 3 miles in length or are off road trails that are not paved, usually used by mountain bikers. The terrain of these trails requires trail running shoes and focus on the ground is essential.

The trail consists of three kinds of running surfaces: Asphalt, Concrete and gravel. Most of the outer loop is Asphalt with a small stretch of Concrete. The inner loop is mostly all gravel.

For those looking into some recreation, they have swings for the kids, a wonderful playground, a few pavillions and a beautiful pond.

This Park is name after Arthur Storey, who at the time of naming the park was director of the Harris County Flood Control District. He came up with the idea to create parks around flood control properties.

The Park has some wonderful areas for bbq’ing, and big open fields. I often see people playing soccer in these fields.

The park also as a wonderful kidfit center, complete with rock climbing, ropes, junggle bars, pull up bar, sit up station and more, designed specificily for kids in mind.

Being in the heart of china town you can catch people doing tai chi in the mornings. The park has a wonderful Yin Yang pavillion, where I often spend time doing some martial arts myself.

For more information with map layouts, please click on the links included in the blog.

Trail Running – Mary Jo Peckham Park

The Perfect Day, is a day when I get the chance to Swim, Bike and Run.  The Mary Jo Peckham Park is the perfect park to accomplish all of your training for FREE!  That’s right, for FREE.  You’ve got a trail to run on, and a swimming pool to swim in all for free.  You can choose to bike there, or bring your bike along for a bike around the community.

Not only can you swim, bike and run there, but you can also fish, barbque, picknick and putt putt on their mini course.  Not to mention, if you have dogs, they’ve got a dog park right next door.

Mary Jo Peckham Park
Mary Jo Peckham Park

As you run the trail you will enjoy watching families fish for a meal.  I’ve even taken my son there for some fishing.  Make sure you go the day the refresh the pond with fish, you’ve got more chances to catch something.

The trail for running is about 0.75 miles long and you have a choice to run the trail, which is about 3/4 gravel and 1/4 asphalt, or you can run the cross country route which has small hills for bikers.  I always run the cross country route to get some variety in terrain.

 The swim is sweet!  They have a 25 meter pool with enough lanes for everyone.  Most of the time I get a lane to myself, and sometimes I have to share.  I usually do an easy workout of about 800 meters.  But, I’ve met swimmers that get their 2,400 meter work out in every day!

I’ll sometimes go work out and then swing by the Harris County Library next door, to check out some books and do some reading.  It’s amazing how convenient everything is there.

Here’s some video footage of the park:

Mary Jo Peckham Park – Trail Running

Layout of the Park

Mapped out Cross Country Run with Elevation