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Choosing Snowboard Bindings

Snowboarding is all about having complete control of your board. Bindings are an integral component in ensuring you can comfortably and easily turn the snowboard in a variety of snow and riding conditions. Before you head to your local snowboard shop to buy bindings, consider the following:

Pick Out Your Boots
Bindings typically come in three different sizes (small, medium and large). The right size for your setup is completely dependent on the size of your boots. As such, it is highly recommended that you select which boots you will be wearing before you buy the bindings. With boots on hand (or in foot) make sure that the bindings you are interested in allow easy entry for your boots and can easily be adjusted for a tight hold.

Types of Bindings
There are a few different types of bindings that offer varying degrees of convenience and performance. Strap binding and hybrid bindings are by far the most popular. The differences between each type are as follows:

Strap bindings: feature two straps that buckle over the top of the foot and ankle. A ratcheting design speeds up the strap-in process and ensures an effective hold.

Hybrid bindings: include a similar design as strap bindings, but instead use an ankle strap and non-adjustable forefoot sheet of fabric (called a yoke) combination. A hinged mechanism at the rear of the binding also assists in rear entry, making hybrid bindings more convenient than strap bindings.

Step-in bindings: allow riders to simply step into their bindings through the use of notched metal pieces found on each side of the binding. These pieces attach to similar notches found on the boots. These offer ultimate convenience, but due to a loss in board control, step-in bindings have failed to gain significant popularity.

Plate bindings: serve as a complement to hard snowboard boots used by downhill racers. Their superior support offers exceptional board control, and are therefore preferred by boarders who enjoy mountaineering or alpine touring.

Binding Stiffness
The final consideration in choosing snowboard bindings is stiffness. Softer bindings afford a greater amount of flexibility and maneuverability. As such, beginners and freestyle riders tend to prefer these bindings. Speed demons typically choose stiffer bindings, as they provide superior precision for high-speed carving.

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