A Weekend Trip for the Enthusiast

72 Hours of Freedom-Hit the Slopes

Can’t get enough skiing or riding in one day? Then it’s time for a classic winter weekend in the mountains. All winter weekends are good for heading to the mountains, but if you want more time on the slopes and to avoid crowds, you may want to pick a non-holiday time (pass up Christmas/New Year weeks, Martin Luther King and Presidents’ Day weekends).

Choosing a resort

Since you have only two days, make the most of your time. Pre-arrange everything from lodging, lessons and lift tickets on the resort’s website under packages. Search for special weekend offers. When you select a resort, look for one close to home (less travel time) from all-inclusive sites like skisnowboard.com that gives subjective reviews and comparative information for all major resorts in North America. Check out the trail map to make sure you can handle most of the terrain.


Find out about transportation – from the airport and in and around the resort. Some resorts like Jackson Hole, WY are a distance away from town, requiring a shuttle or rental car if you want to stay at one place and visit the other – too time consuming for a weekend. Resorts like Breckenridge, CO and Aspen, CO where lifts are right in town are good choices for weekends to enjoy both. They have convenient bus routes, and most inns and hotels offer shuttle service to the lifts/mountains.


Ski-in/ski out is the most efficient option for a weekend. Select a condo if you want to save money on meals; a lodge room if you don’t want to bother cooking after full days on the mountain. (Besides, a night out is part of the fun.) Check out parking situations if you drive; shuttle service from the airport if you fly. Inquire about ski/snowboard storage. Schlepping equipment is not fun, especially for kids. If you must walk in your ski boots, consider purchasing slip-on rubber soles that will protect your boots on pavement and keep you from sliding on ice.


Take your skiing or riding to a new level by enrolling in a specialty program, such as classes for bumps, racing and powder. Some schools offer clinics just for women and seniors, and others will take you to their secret stashes for tips on all-mountain skiing/riding. Save time by booking your lesson and downloading release forms online. If not a lesson, go on a free guided tour of the mountain offered by most large resorts, or just go rip it up with your friends! This could be your breakthrough weekend, where you get out of the green-blue rut and make the move to more challenging black terrain.


If you’re thinking of upgrading your equipment, this is a good time to do it. Stop by your local specialty retailer for great customer service and expert advice. Or, if you can, fly in or drive up Friday afternoon to allow time to visit the ski shop and make your choices. Then ski or ride on demos for the two days – this should give you a good idea of what you’d like to buy. Most shops deduct the cost of the demo from the purchase price. You’ll go home with new gear as well as great memories.

Content courtesy of SnowSports Industries America | SIA and snowlink.com.