7 Tips to Choosing the Proper Winter Jacket

So you’re planning a ski vacation with some friends. Plane tickets? Check. Hotel or cabin? Got it. Skis? Check. Winter jacket? Not so much.

If you’re in need of a new ski jacket for those brisk winds, deep snow and temps below zero, you should probably know what to look for.

  1. Find a winter jacket that protects you from all outdoor elements you may encounter: snow, wind and rain. There’s nothing worse than being at the top of a mountain with less-than-expected coverage for your body. Keep the winds and elements at bay with the proper winter apparel.
  2. Consider the thickness you will need in your winter jacket by what you wear underneath. If you’re wearing layers of long johns or sweaters/sweatshirts, you may not need the thickest winter jacket.
  3. Select a ski jacket that sits below your waist. You want to keep the snow that swooshes up from getting under your coat. So whether you choose a winter jacket with drawstring, elastic or buttons/snaps, you can be protected against the rising snow. (Be sure the cuffs are adjustable and have protection as well).
  4. Be mindful of the zipper. Yep, zippers are important, as they can provide a protective seal to keep out frigid winds, rain and snow.
  5. Make sure your ski jacket breathes. You’re going to be active all day, right? Get a winter jacket with a membrane that allows your perspiration to escape while insulating you from the frigid winter elements. The last thing you want is your sweat accumulating in the jacket, leaving you cold and wet.
  6. Check for chest pockets. Nowadays we typically carry around our cell phones everywhere we go. Even the ski slopes! Keep your phone, keys, wallet and emergency information inside your ski jacket.
  7. Select a winter jacket with removable hood and lower face protection. The face protection gives you an added guard against the strong winds.

Let us help you choose the perfect winter ski jacket for wintertime fun. Contact us today for more information about our winter jackets.