Wayne & Anna — Month 2 Recap and Results

Wow, it’s been a busy month for Anna and me!  We both plateaued a bit on our weight loss (we still lost plenty, trust me!), and we had craziness going on for the run of the reality show we were in called “The Great Raise Houston”.  If you watched, you would know we didn’t win… we’ll get to the reason why a bit later in this post (hint: It’s Anna’s Fault!)

Everyone knows there is essentially 2 components in any successful weight loss regimen: diet and exercise.  Sun & Ski has us covered for the tools necessary in both of these arenas.  Our primary exercise tool is our Portofino bicycles, as well as the accessories to go along with them.  Second, Mark LeBlanc from the Wellfit Group (www.thewellfitgroup.com) teaches us tips and tricks to live a healthy lifestyle in the realm of food choices.  And I want to reiterate (if it’s the first time I am talking about this, then I guess it’s simply “iterate”) that we are making a LIFESTYLE choice, not a wham, bam, thank you Sam “diet” or quick weight loss exercise program.  Our target has been about 3 pounds per 10 days.  It’s been 56 days, so one would expect a loss of 15-18 pounds each.  Alright, let’s examine the two components once again (I am just doing this because Anna HATES my long blog posts, so I want to make it as long as possible….)

#1) Diet — I have mastered the art of healthy choices.  I simply eat where I want (excluding MOST fast food restaurants), and choose the healthier of options.  When I crave chocolate cake, I eat a small piece.  It doesn’t seem too hard for me.  Anna, on the other hand, really likes food.  It is a struggle for her to overcome her cravings (but she really does seem to manage to overcome them after calling me in the middle of the night trying to rationalize the need for Aunt Rita’s famous cupcakes).  So, in this arena, I win.  I make the healthiest food choices with minimal effort.  And it’s not painfully hard for me to do so.

#2) Excercise — Anna wins this one hands down.  She rides 5-6 times a week, for long hauls at a time.  This past Saturday, we did not have an organized ride, so she decided to forge her own path and ride 60 miles!  I just can’t do that.  I am the world’s laziest person, and quite frankly, I would balloon up like the Goodyear blimp if I didn’t have her yelling at me.  But she does.  As a result, I ride about 3-4 times a week logging about 80 miles in that 7 day period.  Going back to the reason we lost the “Great Raise Houston”, it really is Anna’s fault.  She picked to compete in a racing challenge with me, the world’s laziest person.  I decided that I was too sore to row the kayak at her breakneck speed, so I was rowing while laying down for the majority of the 5 miles down Buffalo Bayou, and we thus lost our chance at the prize money.  I have been apologizing to her for the past 8 months, so why not continue: Anna, I am sorry.  I am lazy. I hope you print this blog out and file it for your records, because I will deny it from this point forward….

It’s interesting because of the two components of weight loss, we are each experts in exactly one area.  We learn from each other how to compensate for our deficiencies, and have thus far been extremely successful at realistically achieving our weight loss goals.  By working together, we are beginning to realize real results and conquer our fat demons head-on.  This has been an interesting and exhilarating period of both of our lives made possible by the folks at Sun & Ski Sports.  With their help, we are achieving our dreams of living a truly active and healthy lifestyle.

Alright, here’s the true numbers after 8 weeks (56 long days) of the Cycling Slimdown…

We both started out at 270 pounds in January….

Anna — 246 pounds, a loss of 24 pounds

Wayne — 245 pounds, a loss of 25 pounds

We recognize we may not achieve our goal weight by the MS 150 in April, but for once in our life we will be on the “chubby” side of “normal”.  Continuing our momentum, we hope to slim down to our target weights in time for me to run around in a Speedo in Galveston on Independence Day.  That is a joke, and I apologize to all for any mental image remaining in your head.