Does Bulk Keep You Warm?

Some people may think that a bulky coat keeps you warm.  While some bulky fabrics like wool and down do prove to be very warm, technology over the past 30 years has made big strides to eliminate bulk while still keeping out the cold.

What are just a few technologies that help you stay mobile while also keeping you warm:

1.) Many polyesters such as those seen in Hot Chilly’s or Thermotech use technology borrowed from running apparel to wick away moisture.  Your body’s sweat can keep you cold, so it is key that this base layer wicks away moisture without letting cool air in.

2.) Polartec: Polartec is a tight knit form of fleece that is used by anyone from professional athletes to the military.  It has three different weights to choose from.  The colder the temperature, the bulkier the fleece you should get.

1.) Thinsulate: Thinsulate uses microfibers to create a tighter knit fabric rather than a bulkier one.  Thinsulate traps air close to the body, allowing one’s own body heat to be retained inside.  It is generally used in jackets but it prevalent in other forms of clothing as well.

Being able to move freely is important while skiing and snowboarding, so be aware that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to be warm.