Just Say No to Skiing in Jeans

It’s not uncommon to see skiiers and snowboarders in jeans.  While you may feel warm walking around the streets of a ski town in jeans with long underwear underneath, it can ruin your trip on a mountain.

Staying warm is more than protecting yourself against cold temperatures.  If you are wet in 30 degree weather, you will feel colder than if you are dry in 15 degree weather.  Jeans do nothing to wick away moisture, so you can end up spending your entire trip cold and wet.  Not exactly an enjoyable way to spend a ski trip you spent hundreds of dollars on.

Most jeans also have to be tucked into your boots.  Putting your boots on tightly but in a comfortable manner will allow you to prevent bruising to your shins.  Tucking jeans into your boots will cause rubbing on your shins, which is uncomfortable and can lead to bruising after less than a day.

You spend money on the trip, why not spend money on gear that will make your trip better?  Sun and Ski has plenty of men’s and women’s ski pants that will keep you both warm and dry during your vacation.