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Gifts for Your Favorite Cyclist

Cycling is a great sport, and the gear associated with it can be somewhat addictive.  Bearing this in mind, any cyclist should appreciate getting the latest and greatest gear for the holidays.  Here are a few choices you might want to consider:

Cycling Jacket
We all think of jerseys when we think of cycling.  When it’s cold, a jersey just won’t cut it.   Some jackets have some insulation while others are just shells intended to keep the wind out.  Two great options are the Sugoi Cycling Jacket and the Sugoi Mens Helium Jacket.

Cycling Tights

Most cyclists riding over ten miles at a time will have cycling shorts.  To stay warm and comfortable in the winter time, longer tights may be necessary.  Companies like Sugoi and Pearl Izumi make cycling tights for those times when shorts just won’t be able to keep muscles warm.  Consider ThermaFleece for extra warmth.

Visibility is crucial when on the road, but standard sunglasses risk fogging up or falling off your face when on a bike. Companies like Oakley make sunglasses for cycling that often even have interchangeable lenses for different conditions.

Standard cycling gloves are not meant to keep your hands warm when cycling.  They simply prevent the bones in your hands from hurting while riding distance on a bike.  Consider this varieties from Descente that are fleece-lined.

A Cycling Computer
It’s easier to attain goals when you can always track your progress. Cycling computers can be attached to a bike to monitor distance, time and speed. Consider the wireless Cateye Strada Computer or the Delphi 4.0 Cycling Computer.
There are a lot of gifts you can give this holiday, but the confidence your loved one can gain by hitting fitness goals is hard to beat, and Sun & Ski Sports has the gear to get them there.  If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call at 866-786-3869.