Bike Manufacturers Expected to Increase Bike Prices 20%

Is it just a bad dream?  No, it is not.  The increased prices in raw materials as well as the higher prices for shipping will cause all 2009 bike brands to increase their prices 20%.   If you go to Sun and Ski in about one month, you will see consistently higher prices that were brought on by our manufacturers.

If you are looking for a great deal on a bike, we are having a bike blowout at all of our stores from September 18-September 28.  This is a great opportunity to get a bike at a low cost before the 2009 models come out.

Why is Sun and Ski such a great place to buy a bike? Used bikes and bikes from discount stores do not come with maintenance.  You can spend less money on the bike but more getting it taken care of.  Sun and Ski covers most major maintenance for the life of your bike, and even offers flat insurance.  A happy bike=a happy rider :D.

Looking to use your bike as a viable source of transportation?  Support our efforts to Get Green, Get Fit, Get a Bike by joining our Facebook group supporting the cause.

Non-Profit Sustrans Gets the UK Cycling Again

Exercise doesn’t have to consist of running on a treadmill (which I not-so-lovingly called “the gerbil wheel”) or counting down the minutes on the stationary bike.  Not only can exercise be fun, it can be a means for transportation.  Like a car or a plane, your body is a machine which is perfectly able to get you from point A to point B.

The non-profit Sustrans understands this and has taken great strides to create the National Cycling Network across the United Kingdom.  Since 1977, the organization has helped create 10,000 miles of bike routes across the UK.  Now, over 75% of Brits live less than two miles from a route.  If everyone in the UK (approximately 61 million people) just biked five miles a week instead of driving a car, the entire country would save 526,727,396 gallons of gas every single year.  That would allow someone getting 30 miles to the gallon to drive from New York to Los Angeles 5,267,2739 times.

If everyone in the U.S. (approximately 300 million people) biked five miles a week instead of driving, it would save 2,609,879,542 gallons of gas a year which would fuel 26,098,795 trips from New York to Los Angeles.

Take a look at what Sustrans is doing, and if you don’t already have one, get green, get fit, and get a bike today.  Sun and Ski has gearheads in Texas, Florida, Tennesee, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Georgia and Ohio who would love to see you riding a bike.

**stats would assume vehicle is getting 30 miles to the gallon.**