Need a Vacation? Check Out Amazing Hiking in Northern California.

Northern California has some incredible places to go hiking. The weather is always temperate and the scenery is incredible. I hopped in Twitter, a microblogging service, and asked some outdoors lovers what their favorite places to hike were in Northern California. Here are a few of the great responses I got:

1.) Paul Chaney recommends the Muir Woods

The Muir Woods are situated just north of San Francisco. Unlike Redwood National Forest, the Muir Woods are just minutes from San Francisco proper. Take a picture inside a redwood tree, check out the diverse wildlife, and hike to the top to experience the amazing 360 views.

For more info: check out The Muir Woods website.

2.) David Humphries recommends the Tennessee Valley Trail

Located in the southern part of Marin county, the Tennessee Valley Trail is 20 minutes outside San Francisco. It is known for its diverse wildlife and diverse number of trails that make it a great destination for hikers, bikers and equestrians. The Tennessee Valley Trails are so diverse, they are good for the whole family. If you are camping, be sure to get a permit first. Check out this site and call the Marin Headlands Visitor Center at (415) 331-1540 before planning your trip.

3.) Joe Doyle recommends Mount Tamalpais State Park

Just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, more than 50 miles of trail are within Mount Tamalpais State Park and connect to a larger, 200-mile-long trail system. Bicyclists are challenged by the twisting road to the top of the park’s summit. Be sure to bring your picnic basket if you are hiking as there is a picnic area in the park.

What’s so cool about Mount Tamalpais State Park? If you are sick of the office and you don’t have the day off to hike, grab your laptop and enjoy their AT&T wifi available by the Ranger Station.

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