Superior Skiing In Any Setting

Although the idea of having one set of skis that meet all your skiing needs is tantalizing, it may not be realistic for the experienced skier who skis in a range of locations. Both men’s skis and women’s snow skis are available for different snow conditions, and you can enhance your experience on the slopes if you have the right equipment.

Keep these points in mind when looking for men’s skis or women’s skis:

-Size matters. Wider skis will give you a great ride in the deep powder of a Colorado mountain, but they may frustrate you on a groomed slope in New York. But look for a narrower waist if you want to approach the elusive “one ski fits all” idea.

-Double up. If you’re an experienced skier in the Eastern U.S. and you are making a pilgrimage to the world of Western powder skiing, you may want to rent (and maybe buy) powder skis. If you get hooked on powder and think you’ll start making regular trips West, or if you are a powder skier with enough reasons to be in the Eastern U.S. during the winter, two sets of skis may be worth the money in terms of comfort and enjoyment.

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