Superior Ski Storage

When you are transporting your skis, make sure you have a padded ski bag to protect them. Other handy features on today’s ski bags include:

-Padding. Most ski bags have some padding to protect your skis, so be sure to look for one that is adequate to your skis and the amount of protection they require. If you intend to travel with them, and may be checking them on an airplane, upgarde the protection to a hard case.

-Handles. Some ski bags have hard handles for easier carrying, and some come with shoulder straps.

-Double size. Traveling with two pairs of skis? There are larger ski bags to meet your needs.
When you are preparing to store your skis, take a few steps before securing them for the off-season:

-Keep them comfy. Avoid storing your skis in areas of extreme hot or cold, such as an attic or basement.

-Avoid cement. Don’t store skis on a concrete floor, because it could cause the skis to delaminate at the tails.

-Keep the bindings. Don’t unload your ski bindings when you prepare your skis for storage—it’s best to maintain the tension in the bindings.

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