Start The Snowboarding Season Right

You may be counting the days until you can get out and ride snowboards this winter, but if you hit the mountains in the late fall or early December, keep a few points in mind so you don’t destroy your season:

-Go easy. Even if you have been training in the off season, the first time back on the board requires a little common sense. Get a feel for being on a board again.

-Ease in with the old. Even if you have a hot new board for 2010, you may want to keep an old board on hand for early season snowboarding, when trails won’t be as well-groomed, powder won’t be as deep, and you may be more likely to hit rocks.

-Check your bindings. They may have loosened up over a summer in storage. And if you have new boots, a binding check is a must.

-Dress right. It may not be that cold in November, but it takes some time for your body to get acclimated to a whole day out in the cold, so dress in layers that you can peel off as needed—everyone acclimates at different rates.

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