Snowboard Boots: Treat Your Feet To The Right Fit

You’ll have more fun on your snowboard, and your feet will thank you, if you invest in the right snowboard boots. Even advanced snowboarders can use a reminder about how to buy the right boots, so try these tips on for size:

-Bring your snowboard socks. Don’t just walk into a shop and try on snowboard boots with your gym socks and expect to get the right fit. You need to try the boots with the socks that you’ll actually be wearing. Need new snowboard socks for the new season? Buy those first, then go scope out the latest boots.

-These aren’t your running shoes. For you multisport athletes who may have forgotten since last winter, snowboard boots are supposed to be snug. Unlike your running shoes, which should have about a thumb width of space between the end of your big toe and the end of the shoe, the front of your snowboard boots should barely touch the end of your big toe.

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