Smart Women Stay Warm

As women’s snowsports increase in popularity, so do women’s clothing choices for snowboarding and skiing. The principles of layering for snowsports remain the same for men and women: a moisture-wicking base layer, insulating middle layer, and a wind- and water-resistant outer layer.

Some useful features to keep in mind when buying women’s thermal underwear to layer with ski and snowboard clothing:

  • Lightweight: Women’s thermal underwear, just like men’s and children’s thermal underwear, should be light in weight and made of moisture-wicking synthetic material. Cotton women’s thermal underwear will leave you feeling cold and clammy as soon as you break a sweat. To maximize warmth and minimize bulk, seek out base layers made of microfiber, such as Hot Chillys’ Peachskins collection.
  • Flattering shape: Many manufacturers of women’s thermal underwear recognize that women want their sports gear to look as good as it performs.

The Hot Chillys Peachskin Women’s ¼ zip turtleneck addresses both of these issues. The top includes a drop tail to help keep you toasty, as well as a zip front for when things heat up. The Hot Chillys Peachskin thermal underwear is soft to the touch; it also contains antimicrobial fibers to reduce odor and bacterial buildup, and it features flat seams to minimize bulk.

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