Ski Tube Safety

Ski tubes can be a great accessory when you go out on the water, as long as you keep some safety features in mind:

  • Follow the numbers. Don’t try to put more than one person on ski tubes meant for one. If you have multiple riders, choose ski tubes that accommodate more people.
  • Find deep water. Use ski tubes in areas where the water is at least 5 feet deep and where there are at least 100 feet of open water on either side.
  • Stay straight. When towing ski tubes, keep the rider directly behind the boat and designate a spotter on the boat (not the driver) to watch the rider. Be mindful of the rider when turning.
  • Retrieve promptly. When someone falls off a ski tube, pick them up immediately.

For maximum convenience, look for ski tubes in kits, such as the World Ski Lines P-54 Kit, which includes a 55-foot main line and a 12-volt inflator.

Visit a Sun & Ski Sports shop in your area for expert advice about ski tubes and a wide selection of ski tubes and accessories.

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