Ski Binding Safety Checks

The correct setting is essential for snow ski bindings, so don’t blow off having your bindings checked. The best ski bindings for you depend on your size, skiing style, and type of conditions in which you usually ski. The best fitting ski bindings will respond properly to two types of releases:

-Twist release: When your ski or boot turns perpendicular to the direction you want to go, this release kicks in. When you have your snow ski bindings adjusted, be accurate about your weight and your skiing style. This is for your safety (or your kid’s safety), so be honest!

-Leaning release: When you are falling headfirst over the fronts of your skis, this is the release that gets you out of them. Remember to have the fit of your snow ski bindings checked periodically during the ski season. The more aggressive your skiing style, the more likely it is that you’ll need to have your bindings adjusted during the season.

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