Size Your Skis According to Skill

Skill level is often an under-recognized issue when choosing Alpine skis, but it matters. A shorter ski can be easier to maneuver, which makes it a better choice for novice skiers. More experienced skiers can handle a longer ski. Many ski brands, including the popular Volkl skis, offer skis for a range of skill levels.

Use this rule of thumb when selecting skis:

  • Beginner: For beginning skiers, the tip of the ski should reach your chin.
  • Intermediate: For intermediate skiers, the tip of the ski should reach your nose.
  • Advanced: For advanced skiers, the tip of the ski should reach your forehead.

Of course, the best size ski for you might not follow these guidelines exactly. But no matter what your skiing skill level, be sure to buy your boots first, then try them on with new skis to ensure a correct fit.

Visit a Sun & Ski Sports shop in your area to try on a variety of Volkl skis and other ski brands and to get expert advice on the correct size ski for your skill level and skiing style.

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