Size Up Your Snowboard Specs

When it comes to snowboards, size matters, and so does weight, but there’s room for individual preferences. For both mens snowboards and womens snowboards, size guidelines are just guidelines, and your personal preferences, skill level, and snowboarding style are just as important. But a few ground rules still apply:

-In general, you can gauge the right size for your snowboard this way: The tip of the board should reach your chin when you place one end on the ground.

-If you crave the speed of the big mountains, you’ll want a bigger, slightly heavier board.

-But as you take your freestyle snowboarding to the next level, you may want a shorter board for maximum maneuverability. Some mens snowboard reviews mention boards such as the Burton Vapor, with its composite core and stainless steel edges.

-What about width? When sizing a new snowboard, your feet shouldn’t hang over the edge—you’ll just get slowed down by the drag from your toes or heels. But don’t allow too much extra space between the edges of the board and your heels and toes or you’ll have a hard time putting down the pressure to make sharp turns.

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