Shopping For Step-In Bindings: Read This

Step-in snowboard bindings offer the easiest way to get on and off your board fast. All you do is step on the binding and click it into place. Step-in bindings are a good choice for freestyle and freeride/all-mountain snowboarding. But all types of snowboard bindings have their pros and cons, so here’s what to know about the step-in option:


-Convenience and speed of getting on and off your board.

-Easy to find as rentals, if you want to test out freestyle as a change from your usual carving days on the slopes.


-Less additional support than straps, which can make doing tricks more challenging if you don’t have the right fit.

-Step-in bindings require step-in boots, so your boot choices may be more limited.

Read some snowboard bindings reviews and test out some boot and binding combinations before you make a final decision. Then talk to an expert at one of our ski shops about testing different types of equipment. If you are transitioning between skiing and snowboarding, you may find the step-in bindings easiest to use because they are similar to step-in ski bindings.

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