Shop Your Shoe Shape

When you buy running shoes, the number-one consideration is fit. Find the running shoe that fits your foot type, whether you underpronate, overpronate, or have a neutral foot. Every brand of running shoe has its devotees, but what works for your running buddy won’t necessarily work for you. If you have high arches, look for extra cushioning when you buy running shoes. If you have flat feet, seek out shoes with more stability.

All running shoes serve the same function—their job is to absorb the shock when your feet hit the road. Whether the cushioning comes from air, gel, or foam is less important than how well the shoes fit your feet. If you need additional cushioning beyond what your favorite shoes provide, buy cushioned inserts when you buy running shoes. Take out the insert that comes with the shoe and replace it with your cushioned insert.

For expert advice on how to buy running shoes that will suit your feet and running style, visit a Sun & Ski Sports shop in your area.

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