Shifting Gears — Wayne & Anna Tackle New Endeavours

Once again, Anna’s gonna hate me for a long blog!
We had a blast training for and completing the MS 150 with the assistance of Sun & Ski Sports.  It was one of those things to mark off of life’s “bucket list”.  Through their expertise and vast knowledge, we were able to achieve what we thought was the unthinkable.  With just an ounce of drive and determination, any able-bodied person can make the cycling journey.  Two weeks after the actual MS 150, Team Sun & Ski member Mandy and I, at the last minute, decided we would ride our bikes from Houston to Beaumont during the Tour du Rouge Day 1 of 6 ride…. that’s 82 miles!  On that same day, Anna caught some waves wakeboarding (a heck of alot funner than waterboarding) at the Houston Watersports Complex.  The videos from those two adventures are upcoming, I promise (all that MS 150 training time slammed me at my real-person job… just trying to play catch-up!)
So a few weeks ago, Anna and I were talking about “what’s next”.  Ok, we’ve trained to ride a bike and came to the end of that journey, so the most logical thing would be to push ourselves a little further, right?  With that in mind, we have two very important announcements to make….
1) We are going to train for…. stay seated everyone… the Chevron Half-Marathon in January!  Why is this important?  Well, in case you didn’t know, Anna and I are formerly very heavy people who, up to this point, had absolutely no interest in running anywhere but to the donut shop.  In junior high, I HATED running the one mile run every few months.  Actually, I remember having between 16-18 minute miles.  There was no reason to get all worked up about running around the soccer fields… it should be VERY interesting running 13.1 miles throughout Houston.  I always heard marathoners have toe nails fall off, and all sorts of strange maladies.  As time goes by, I will let you know if that’s the case….
Cycling season is now over, but somehow Anna and I must continue our weight loss journey.  The bikes were actually extremely effective at helping us shed the pounds (phase 1), but they are not very good at helping us further shape and tone our bodies.  So, after careful consideration of other alternatives, Anna and I have decided a way to enter our phase 2 of weight loss… join a gym!  So, our next big announcement….
2) We are partnering with FIT Athletic Club (corner of West Gray and Waugh, above the Marshall’s store…. and conveniently located next to Luby’s! Not that I’ve seen the inside of that restaurant in the past 4 months).  We had seriously considered joining some of the major chains, and some other mom-and-pop ones, but we opted for FIT for several reasons, which you will see on future video blogs.  One of my biggest selling points is the convenience and scheduling of group workouts (Spin Classes, Pilates, etc.).  Anna likes the amenities and cleanliness of the bathrooms.  The locker rooms are seriously decked out with more Q-Tips and Scope than anyone would use in a lifetime!  Also, they don’t have that “gym funk” smell.  I am not sure exactly how old the gym equipment is, but it looks like it can’t be more than a few weeks old.  Meticulously cleaned and cared for, you’re not going to find pools of sweat on the stationary bike handlebars!  Also, I haven’t had to wait in any lines, even in peak periods throughout the day, to use any of the gym equipment.  We are still new to the “gym work-out” world, so I’m gonna say that as of now, our video blogs from FIT Athletic will be, at the very least, entertaining.
So, that’s what I have to share with you now.  In the coming weeks, and throughout the summer, look for updates regarding our FIT Athletic Club work-outs, our running updates while training for the Chevron Houston Marathon, as well as fun and exciting Summer adventures highlighting all the sports you didn’t know Sun & Ski could outfit you for!

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