Shaun White Wins Second Consecutive Superpipe Gold

Shaun White sneaks past Kevin Pearce by 1 point to claim gold and become the first ever rider to win consecutively in Superpipe. Shaun is not as dominate as he once was, and it’s not because he’s fading. The talent of fellow riders like Kevin Pearce are putting the pressure on as the sport continues to grow in popularity.

The event was nothing short of dramatic with controversy as ESPN announcer Richards said on live TV that Shaun didn’t deserve to win. Shaun of course took the comments in stride… “I don’t know. I mean, it’s competition, it’s judging. Kevin rode amazing tonight, and I felt like I rode really well, and we kind of leave it up to those guys [judges] to know what they’re doing.”

Based solely on technical merit White was the winner, it’s the style points that make the judging more difficult. Either way, it was quite a performance by both riders and an exciting evening.

The final superpipe breakdown
1. Shaun White
2. Kevin Pearce
3. Antti Autti
4. Elijah Teter
5. Mason Aguirre
6. Steve Fisher
7. Andy Finch
8. Louie Vito

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