Scope Out 2010 Snowboards

True snowboard enthusiasts are scoping out the Burton snowboards 2010 and other 2010 models while the August heat still reigns. But it’s worth doing some research ahead of time so you can find your best board for the season ahead.

Keep these board basics in mind as you peruse the offerings from Burton and your other favorite board makers:

– Do you want to focus on freestyle this season? If you’re looking for a board to help you tone your tricks and elevate your aerial moves, the specialized, flexible freestyle snowboards may be worth your money.

-Are you looking forward to making the most of all that your favorite mountain has to offer, from groomed trails to moguls to the terrain park, you might prefer a board that’s slightly longer and stiffer.

-Entering advance levels of alpine snowboarding? If you’re getting into racing or just getting more serious about your Alpine snowboarding, seek out specialized boards that meet your needs. A sidecut radius of 8 to 11 meters works well for slalom racing, but a larger radius is the better bet if you need more speed.

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