RE: Fur – Code Of Conduct With Our Vendors


Thank you for informing us of the inhumane treatment of animals in the fur trade.

Based on your e-mail, I have requested that all of our vendors who offer fur (a small part of our overall assortment) indicate to me their animal treatment policies.  So far, it appears that all of our suppliers adhere to a strict policy of humane treatment.  I have included a code of conduct statement from one of our vendors below which seems to typify most.  I am still awaiting info from a few others.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.  I am disappointed that when you sent your first e-mail you did not give me a chance to research the situation and get back to you, instead, you immediately began targeting our Facebook and Twitter pages  encouraging people to print and post disparaging posters against Sun and Ski Sports. Having said that, I do appreciate the information and will monitor our vendor policies going forward.

Barry Goldware

Sun & Ski Sports


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