Rainy Weekends won’t screw up MY training!

For our training regimen, we have been riding one ride a weekend, usually one in the Conoco-Phillips Training Series.  This weekend, I was excited because I had registered for a 45-ish mile ride in Magnolia on Saturday, and a 50-ish mile one in Pearland on Sunday.  I felt it was important to start doing back-to-back ones in order to condition my mind… and rear… for the MS 150 in April.  I was also excited because for the first time, I had actually pre-registered for a ride.  This was going to save me so much time and anxiety, as I didn’t have to arrive particularly early for the rides (I am in the habit of being late all the time, and Anna doesn’t wait for me… she just starts without me!)

Long story short, I didn’t get to ride in the bike rallies this weekend, because it was cold and rainy, not to mention dangerous.  I still consider myself an amateur, and I have alot to learn in regards to bicycle handling in inclement conditions.

But my weekend was not a wash! Instead, I set my bike trainer up in my garage and pedalled like there was no tomorrow.  An hour on Saturday, and about 45 mins on Sunday.  It sure was difficult, as I had no one to pedal with, and I was just staring at some cobwebs in the upper corner of the garage.  I don’t think I will clean them up, because what will I stare at next time it rains??

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