Protect Your Winter Sports Investment

You’ve spent time and effort choosing the right winter sports equipment—skis, boots, snowboards—so get the most out of your gear by keeping it in top shape.
To help extend the life of your skis, boots, and snowboards, pay attention to the following:

-Transportation: To protect your skis and boards from the elements en route to the slopes, consider a box-style carrier such as the Thule Spirit Cargo Box, which has 16 cubic feet of storage in a shell-shaped case.

-Maintenance: At the end of the season, apply wax to your skis and ski edges and don’t scrape it off. The wax will help keep the edges from rusting during the off-season.

-Storage: Don’t store your skis and snowboards in the basement where they will be subject to heat and moisture over the summer. Ideally, store them in a dry closet at room temperature. The same goes for ski boots. Make sure they are dry, and then store them in boot bags in a cool, dry area.

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