Not Just A Pretty Face: What Makes A Good Women’s Ski?

Women’s skis aren’t just prettier than men’s skis, fortunately. A good women’s ski is usually a bit lighter and softer to accommodate a woman’s muscle mass. Other features of women’s snow skis include:

-Proper proportions. The tips of women’s skis are usually a bit shorter than men’s skis, and the waists of the skis are farther forward. These features recognize that women tend to have a lower center of gravity than men, and they can maximize their ski performance with skis that are designed for them.

-Try them on. Just like with clothes, women’s skis fit differently depending on the brand. When you are shopping for new skis, visit one our Sun & Ski store locations to speak with an expert on getting the right fit. Your sister’s or your best friend’s favorite women’s ski may not be the right fit for you.

-Know your needs. Are you craving moguls? Or deep powder? Make sure you ask questions about which types of women’s skis will meet your needs. Several brands, including K2 and Elan, offer women’s skis at a range of price points, and several models, such as Elan’s Women’s Black Magic skis, can be used by intermediate to advanced skiers for a variety of ski conditions.

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