My Sun & Ski Challenge: Week 2 by Jillian Despard

Dear Diary,

I’m sure you are as surprised as I to see that I am alive and functioning. I would have said alive and well, but functioning seemed much more appropriate. Another week of my Sun & Ski challenge has passed and well, to say my body hates me would be an understatement. Getting into a routine is hard y’all, especially when the weather has been like something out of a bad Twilight novel (who am I kidding, they’re all bad). I’ve struggled the most with motivation. Who really wants to go out in the chilly rain for a nice evening jog? This space is an honest space so I feel like I should tell you, I haven’t been doing much outdoors. For the most part I have been visiting my local fitness center rather than braving the weather and hitting the nature trails. I feel like a traitor and a cheater. Thankfully the weather will be improving so now I really have no excuse to be indoors.

This week I helped with a Flash Mob running event. For those who don’t know, we do a flash mob running series in March and June. The reason it’s called a flash mob event is because everyone shows up, runs, do a quick raffle, then we all disappear quietly into the night. Blink and you’ll miss it! The route was 2.7 miles, which in my mind equated to an impossible amount to run for fun on a Thursday night. When I really started to think about it though, 2.7 miles wasn’t really far at all. As the runners started coming in from the run I was checking out their times, 16 minutes (!), 25 minutes, 30 minutes, and suddenly it didn’t seem so scary anymore. I think I was psyching myself out and comparing the run to a marathon distance, therefore it would be impossible for me to do and I shouldn’t even try. The reality is, 2.7 miles is incredibly doable. Some of the runners even ran to the park where the event was being held, ran the event, then turned around and ran home. While I don’t expect to be able to do that anytime soon, I do hope to be one of those breezing across the finish line, barely even breaking a sweat and not a pony tail hair out of place. A girl can dream, right?


So, on to the next week. The friendly neighborhood weather man says to expect rain and storms all week long, but it will be nice and balmy so outdoor workouts won’t be totally out of the question. I just have to avoid the thunderstorms, something tells me that being struck by lightning won’t give me superpowers and a fabulous body like it does in the movies.

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