MS 81: Cycling Mile Slimdown

As of right now, I SHOULD have completed at least 50 miles, enjoying a quick lunch in Bellville.  Oddly enough, I am in my lounge pants, having watched yet another re-run of “Rock of Love”.  Yes, it was a major disappointment that Day 1 got cancelled.  We are totally at the mercy of Mother Nature.  However, I am proud of the MS Society for making such a difficult decision as cancelling Day 1 for the safety of the riders. 

Last night, Anna, myself, Ryan, and Mandy (two cool peeps we met on Team Sun & Ski) purchased a couple of hotel rooms in Columbus, so that we can chill out the night before, and rise at 6am instead of 4:30.  The ride starts at 8, and is still the longest we have ever taken on.  We have decided we want to attempt the Bechtel Challenge Route, which puts us on a roller coaster ride through Bastrop Park.  I figure that we need to push ourselves in a way we never have before. 

The weather events of this weekend should not deter any of the 13,000 riders from accomplishing the completion of the MS 150.  We all have a mission to accomplish: raise as much money as possible for the 400,000 Americans (20,000 Texans) living with MS. Yes, we had a minor set back, but we can do it!

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